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Michael Jackson Death Hoax Investigators is a death hoax investigation community. Although Michael is loved there, and we feel aggrieved at the way much of his life has been scrutinized by those other than the people here, it was never set up as a fan based community, but one in which people were invited to forensically examine the obviously strange and discordant events of June 25th, 2009 and beyond. We try to remain as dispassionate as we can in order to unravel a series of events which are leading to an examination of what was ever true in Michael’s world.

The Michael Jackson Innocent Project was started as a separate channel after the pedophile apologizing mockumentary ‘Leaving Neverland’ was announced. Michael Jackson has been maliciously slandered and extorted for most of his life. We believe that the time had come to educate the masses on the lies and corruption surrounding the false allegations that Michael has endured. The false allegations are not only an insult to legitimate abuse victims but to investigative journalism. Whilst it is not within our power to stop extortionists from accusing Michael Jackson, we commit to fully and wholeheartedly defending his name.

We believe one has to do with the other. Michael is still a target well over a decade after his alleged death for a reason. We try to figure out why Michael Jackson had to fake his death and what has transpired in his life to make him such a tremendous target for the powers that be. We include politics, religion and world events in our videos and live streams and we believe an open discussion is the only way to get as close to the truth as we possibly can.

You’ll find a wide range of evidence on both websites and our Rumble channels that proves Michael’s innocence and his inevitable death hoax. We invite you to share this information as widely as possible. Let’s do together what the mainstream media refuses to do. TELL THE TRUTH.

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